Cooling Tower Float Valves  

Cooling Tower Float Valves - Universal Tower Parts

Cooling Tower Float Valves are specifically design for cooling tower functionality. Electronic Water level controls and brass float valves have little maintenance with a long life. Usually, there are float in kits available for specific applications which include the float arm and float valve.

Float Valve Setup Instructions:

After float valve installation, there will be some experimenting and analysis of the valve that may be required to balance the tower operation with makeup water. Normally, the setting of the float valve will be such that 0 water is wasted during pump shutdown through the overflow. However, the water level depth during the start up of your pump must be deep enough to ensure maximum pump suction.

To set the basin water level, adjust the wing nuts so that the make-up valve is completely shut when the water level gets to 1/2" below the overflow connection. These settings will produce operating levels shown in your Maintenance and Operating Manual. To adjust make-up assembly see that manual for the manufacturers' suggested operating levels. Set the bleed rate and desired cycles of concentration and then you can begin operation.  It's always safe to let it run for 24 hours before you check and readjust.

Cooling Tower Float Valve Assemblies:

Float Valves

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float valve Pentagon: 2” Float Valve

2 inch float valve Pentagon: 1-1/2” Float Valve

1/4 inch float valve Pentagon: 1-1/4” Float Valve

1 inch float valve Pentagon: 1” Float Valve

3/4 inch float valve Pentagon: ¾” Float Valve

1/2 inch float valve Pentagon: ½” Float Valve

Double Arm

double arm float valve assembly armature

Single Arm
float valve assembly

Brass Float Valve Repair Kitsfloat valve repair kits
For Bob valves (Robert)
1/2" - 1", - 1-1/4" - 1-1/2", 2"

Float Valve Repair Kits

Stainless Steel Float Arms

stainless steel float arms

  • 3/8" dia. X 20-24" long (horizontal) with eye loop.
  • 3/8" dia. X 18" long (horizontal) with eye loop.
  • 3/8" dia. X 15" long (horizontal) with eye loop.
  • 3/8" dia. X 15" long (horizontal) threaded both ends.
  • 3/8" dia. X 18" long (horizontal) threaded both ends.
  • 3/8" X 16" long all thread (vertical) or 24" (vertical)
  • Float Arms Contain all stainless steel nuts and washers

Brass Float Valves (in stock)

  • 1/2" float valves
  • 3/4" float valves
  • 1" float valves
  • 1-1/4" float valves
  • 1-1/2" float valves
  • 2" float valves

Cooling Tower Float Arm & Pans

12 inch float valve pan

10 inch pan float valve

8 inch float valve balls

6 inch float valve ball

Pentagon: 12” Pan Float

Pentagon: 10” Pan Float

Pentagon: 8” Ball Float

Pentagon: 6” Ball Float

12 inch pan float diagram

10 inch pan float diagram

8 inch float ball diagram float ball

6 inch float ball diagram float balls

Float Balls (in stock)

  • 6" Round (through hole)
  • 8" Round (through hole)
  • 8" Round (through hole)

Float Pans (in stock)

  • 10" Pan (through hole)
  • 12" Pan Float(through hole)

Electronic Float Valve Kits

Water Level Control Logo

Pentagon: Inside Mount Pentagon: Outside Mount Pentagon: ConcreteMount  
Inside Mounting Float Valve Configuration Outside Mounting Float Valve Configuration
electronic float valve kit diagram
Cooling Tower Float Valve Installation Configuration Diagram


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